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Make your ground rules clear to everyone.
There are some times when Fido isn't welcome, and dogs are forbidden in indoor places of business in some states. Make sure everyone knows the rules at your establishment.
Help ensure safety.
Dog-related injuries are the second most common cause of children's hospitalization. Signs like these may help reduce your liability in case of dog injury.
Maintain proper hygiene.
Dogs don't wash their paws, and all too often they do their business where they please, so hospitals, churches and places where children gather aren't always the right places for people to bring their furry friends.

Keep dogs off your lawn

No dogs means no dogs, with a few notable exceptions: service dogs and K9-unit police dogs.
Trying to explain your aesthetic preferences and hygiene needs to a canine is the definition of futility, and convincing your pup to do her business where you'd prefer can be difficult, requiring patience and training in some cases. At the same time, helping our dogs to control themselves is critical if we're going to get along with our neighbors. Annoyances like these can add up, and incredibly, can even turn fatal on occasion, as hard as that is to believe.
The problem is, you can't just ignore dog feces and urine on your lawn. Not only can it throw off your lawn's green with patches of dead grass, it's bad for nearby water tables, too.
The high concentration of nitrogen in dog urine can cause grass to turn brown, but the urine itself is not dangerous – it's only when dogs urinate in the same place over and over that the grass will die. Even though nitrogen is helpful for plants in small amounts, a line dresses even acting modestly as a fertilizer, in large amounts it can poison plants and cause the hated brown patches that mark dog owners' lawns everywhere. Certain varieties of grass are more prone to lawn burn than others, like Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda grass, but none can withstand repeated fouling.  
Dog Waste Signs
Even in 1944, local health departments established areas where dogs weren't welcome.
We might be inclined to think of the little brown treats left on our lawn as just so much manure, but dog feces is a particularly noxious waste, packed with hookworms, roundworms and E. Coli. When the waste sinks into the ground, it can have the same effects as pig or bird waste if it's concentrated enough, and can even leave traces of bacteria in your local drinking water.
There are plenty of chemicals you can use as deterrents – even Cayenne pepper can work – butthen you're salting your own earth to treat what can be a problem of neglectful neighbors just not paying attention to their pets. So if you don't feel like digging up and replanting your lawn to suit interlopers, and you have your own pet who should have access to the lawn, a "no dog pooping" sign might do the trick.
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