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Make your ground rules clear to everyone.
There are some times when Fido isn't welcome, and dogs are forbidden in indoor places of business in some states. Make sure everyone knows the rules at your establishment.
Help ensure safety.
Dog-related injuries are the second most common cause of children's hospitalization. Signs like these may help reduce your liability in case of dog injury.
Maintain proper hygiene.
Dogs don't wash their paws, and all too often they do their business where they please, so hospitals, churches and places where children gather aren't always the right places for people to bring their furry friends.

The case for no dog signs

In April, 2011, the New York Daily News's John Lauinger reported that a man named Jaime Sanchez tossed his neighbor Barbara's dachshund Coco into traffic; he was promptly arrested for reckless endangerment to property and torturing animals. Why did he do it? Her dog was walking on the man's property.
Dogs are a classic cause of neighborhood friction. We are almost totally accountable for the behavior of an animal that lives indoors and eats kibble in open defiance of its evolutionary heritage. Most dogs live with a couple of humans and another dog or cat or two, a line dresses so they can't be socialized in exactly the way their lupine forbears were when Neolithic man domesticated the species thousands of years ago. Worst of all, dogs can't control their own needs, or communicate them with any reliability. All in all, it takes an extra degree of conscientiousness for us to do the right thing for the people whose lawns are within our orbit.  
No pooping Signs
Gravel is a good place to take your dog to do its business – no grass to ruin!
What's more, there are plenty of places where a dog's presence is far from appropriate: hospitals; churches, synagogues and mosques; many restaurants and hotels.  
As for hospitals, the New York Times reports that even therapy pets can transmit germs like MRSA and clostridium difficile from patient to patient, and it can be difficult to keep even well-trained animals properly corralled away from potential pathogens.  
Many people find the presence of animals in places of worship distracting or even offensive – some Muslim schools of thought hold that dogs are bad omens or unclean.  
Animals put restaurants in a sticky position. On one hand, a dog with slightly poor bladder or bowel control can create an unhygienic environment. On the other hand, patrons with dogs often want their furry friends' company, and will even lie about having a service animal to make sure they have it. (It's a violation of the ADA to ask a patron what service an alleged service animal is providing, or to make service contingent on a plausible answer.) Nonetheless, many states and localities ban dogs in restaurants or hotels as a public health measure, with only some (like Florida) specifically allowing them in outdoor settings.
That's why no dogs allowed signs are so important -everyone needs a friendly reminder every now and then.

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