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Make your ground rules clear to everyone.
There are some times when Fido isn't welcome, and dogs are forbidden in indoor places of business in some states. Make sure everyone knows the rules at your establishment.
Help ensure safety.
Dog-related injuries are the second most common cause of children's hospitalization. Signs like these may help reduce your liability in case of dog injury.
Maintain proper hygiene.
Dogs don't wash their paws, and all too often they do their business where they please, so hospitals, churches and places where children gather aren't always the right places for people to bring their furry friends.

Types of no dog signs

People's relationships with their dogs are highly personal, and telling people how to manage those relationships requires a great deal of delicacy. At the same time, dog waste is something about which a minority of people tend to be inconsiderate over and over again.These signs run the gamut from aggressive to humorous, a line dresses and many can be customized further, allowing you to address your audience in a way they'll understand. Available with Diamond Grade or High Intensity reflectivity, or merely a sturdy Engineer Grade aluminum, signs like these should have rounded corners for safety; look for pre-drilled holes, too, so you don't end up doing all of the work!
Caution Dog Signs
Dogs are the fifth most common cause of child hospitalization. Even if you think your dog is safe around kids, don't ignore signs like this one.
No Dog Signs
Sacred environments like churches and mosques – as well as cemeteries and memorial plots – aren't appropriate places to bring your pooch.
No Dogs Text Signs
Green is traditionally an informational color in the sign world – you can customize signs like this with any text you like. Be funny, inventive, or aggressive. It's up to you.
No Pets Signs
There's a big difference between a pet and a service animal, but signs that simply say "No dogs allowed" can make disabled people's lives awkward. A sign like this will make sure everyone knows that just because there's a dog in the area doesn't mean the rule has exceptions.
Dog Waste Signs
This sign doesn't need words.
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